About me

I’m Ambra Andriello. I’m a massage therapist and an artist.

In 2014 I discovered Holistic Massage Therapy and It has become my job since then.

I studied western techniques (Californian Psychosomatic massage, Swedish, Lymphatic drainage, Anticellulite, Myofascial, Deep tissue) and eastern techniques (Tao, Shiatsu, Chakra healing, Kundalini, Lomi lomi, Cupping) in Rome, Torino, London and Rotterdam.  

Learning a method which allows me to heal people, helped to heal myself. 

I believe there is no separation between mind,body and soul. That’s the foundation of the holistic approach.

 Choosing to LOVE YOURSELF and taking care of yourself is so empowering. And MASSAGE IS A GESTURE OF LOVE! Nevertheless an action of full trust to one another.

Give wellness to people its’s such a blessing to me!

My work as an artist started since I was able to hold a pencil, and  evolved with my life journey. I use art to represent my way of perceiving the world.

It is a need to communicate, to express my inner world. 

No words or acts could express my soul but ART.

I tend to see beauty all around. In nature, in people, in what I feel.

I discovered that I was creating the life of my dream following my heart and intuition. Being my authentic self and doing what I love. And art became more necessary than ever. Inspiration started to break through and I couldn’t hide my creativity force anymore. Now I create art from my soul and I’m proud of sharing it with you.

Much love,